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We deliver your goods safely, timely, and cost-effective. No matter what size it is, anytime and practically anywhere.

The world of logistics is a multifaceted area of expertise. However, the objective is simply to deliver your goods to your desired destination safely, timely, and cost-effective. No matter what size it is, anytime and practically anywhere.

We understand that delivering your dynamic requirements takes creativity, expertise, and experience to transform ideas into workable solutions. A never-ending pursuit of excellence that we consistently put in standard practices as one of the leading logistics partners with a world-class services as our long bind commitment.

From urgent single shipment to complex domestics and international solutions.

FIN Logistics professionals are well equipped to assist you in identifying and creating effective strategies for optimum results and building up your long-term competitiveness. From urgent single shipment to complete multimodal solutions, streamlined visibility, and tailor-made rates. We offer a complete spectrum of highly qualified hands-on services and solutions customized to suit your requirements.

Air Freight

We offer competitive rates and personalized service with shipment transparency for your satisfaction at the highest level.

Sea Freight

We guarantee sea freight capacities that are easily adaptable to your growing business.


Charter service covers special transportation such as a time-sensitive project, heavy cargo, and other commodities.

Custom Handling Services


Our customs expert will assist you on all customs entries with our automated online service direct with Indonesian Customs.

Domestic Transports

Our all size trucks fleet and logistics professional offers full-service solutions to meet all inland transportation & distribution.

Warehouse & Distribution

With our extensive domestic distribution networks, we always stand behind our work to frequently get your goods delivered to distribution points.

Global Networks

We are always there for you. Our vast global network gives us a local, regional, and international presence in nearly every port in the world.

We provide innovative logistics solutions for all modes of transport. We ensure the best conditions in handling your cargo across global routes with our associate partner Jupiter Global Logistics.