Mr. Soedjarwo Sudarmo

The Company With Attitude

  • Accommodate customer needs.
  • Trust is an honor.
  • Total commitment.
  • Innovative in our solutions.
  • Treasure relationships.
  • Understand with empathy.
  • Driven on service excellence.
  • Engage with manners

FIN Logistics has an evident principle, namely respecting the norms that apply to society and its culture. This attitude is shown by implementing the Corporate Culture, Quality Policy, and Quality Objectives that every employee must follow and implement by avoiding dishonor attitudes or conduct.

Without exception, every employee must foster themselves continuously so that attitudes will never be an issue and makes service part of our daily lifestyle.

Attitude is Everything. Character, manners, deeds, and behavior are everything. It guides us throughout the day with learning and improvement to serve customers wholeheartedly. 

FIN Logistics has made a firm determination to build a long-term partnership with customers. We always endeavor this condition so that customers are happy and feel satisfied. Stakeholders feel delighted and comfortable, and employees also feel content and faithful. 

We are FIN Logistics, The Company with Attitude.

Our strength is derived from delivering excellence, not numbers.

We believe in a relationship as our bones, establishing and maintaining personalized work with our clients and understand the particularity of their business objectives. This approach frequently enables us to assist our clients in creating an effective strategy to leverage the opportunity.

We are a creative and experienced expert that commits to practicing the highest possible level of service as well as consistently growing and expanding to new frontiers.